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When Using Pages, How Do I Stabilize My Writings From Moving?

When using Pages, how do I stabilize my writings from moving? I am writing a book with 50 poems and used some pics for illustrations, but sometimes the darn pics. move around and even the writings.
Norman Datt

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    2 years ago

    Click on the Format button at the top right to open the Format sidebar if it isn’t already there. Then click on Arrange at the top of that.

    Select the image and click either Stay on Page or Move with Text, whichever applies to your current situation. Then look at Text Wrap below that and select the appropriate one there.

    For instance, if you want the image to always appear between two paragraphs in your text, then select Move With Text and then Above and Below. Although Inline is another option that will work.

    See Understanding Pages Image Placement .

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