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When will Apple update the iOS on Verizon iPhones?

Several of us Verizon iPhone 4 users have posted related questions on other forums, but thought it would be helpful to post this here also.
I recently got my first iPhone, an iPhone 4 configured for Verizon.
Therefore I was disappointed when, after the WWDC announcement of iCloud, it became evident that the Verizon iPhone 4 does not have a high enough iOS capable of running the iCloud beta.
Does anyone have any more information about that and how it might affect the ability of Verizon iPhones to support iOS 5 when it is released.
Richard Fuhr

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    10 years ago

    Ever since the Verizon iPhone came out, the iOS versions have been leap-frogging each other. The initial Verizon iPhone OS was ahead of the AT&T version. Then a new one came out for AT&T to leapfrog it. It probably has to do with one being GSM and the other CDMA.
    I just think it is a temporary state that the Verizon one happens to be a tiny bit behind the AT&T one at this moment when the iCloud beta features have been released. I would expect another version for Verizon iPhones soon, perhaps one just ahead of the AT&T one.
    I’d imagine with iOS 5 coming out in the fall, that it will be the point where there will be a single version of iOS released for both.
    Until then, no big deal. There’s really nothing you can’t do. The iCloud syncing just makes it more convenient to sync music. But you can still sync as always by connecting to your computer.

    Richard Fuhr
    10 years ago

    Gary, Thanks for your reply, and I just saw an earlier thread in this forum on this topic.

    Indeed, I hope that by the time iOS 5 is available this fall that Apple can release a single version that works for both AT&T and Verizon. And, if they can’t, then a better naming convention might be following the style iOS 5.1a for AT&T and iOS 5.1v for Verizon (or something like that, allowing for the fact that new cell carriers might be added).

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