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Where Are Movie Trailers In the Apple TV App?

The Trailers app on my Apple TV says trailers have been moved to the Apple TV+ app, but I’ve browsed around that app, and I can’t find them. How do I get to them?

I want to be able to watch trailers after the Trailers app is taken away.

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    6 months ago

    Yes, Apple announced that it is discontinuing the stand-alone iTunes Trailer app and those will just be in the TV app.

    On an Apple TV, if you launch the Trailers app, it shows you a message and there is a big button, the only one, which takes you right to the Trailers section of the TV app.

    Otherwise, I was able to find it by going to the Movies section at the very top, then scrolling down until I saw a row of trailers. The first item was just a big button to the Trailers section main page.

    I don't know which version of the Apple TV box you, but I was trying this on a 4th gen.

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