Forum Question: Where did my video go?

I made a iMovie video, and used share>youtube option to share, and it went ahead asked me for my youtube account info and everything went fine. It took some time to make the video and then took some time to upload it. Upon completion I got the message that the video was uploaded, and even gave me the link to my Youtube account page (all inside of iMovie). The message sated that depending on the youtube server my video should be available within a few hours. But it’s not there. It’s been a couple of days already. Even on the iMovie project bar shows “shared on Youtube” message. Do you have any thought to what had happened?

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    10/25/10 @ 12:37 pm

    I don[‘t like these automatic upload options. You don’t get feedback properly. Probably the upload timed out or some other error.
    Forget about using this feature. Instead, just export your movie from iMovie as a regular file. Then use YouTube’s standard web interface to upload it.

    10/25/10 @ 12:40 pm

    Thanks Gary. Doing the other way as you mention works fine. I just thought it was cool to have share>youtube option.

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