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Where Did Top Sites Go In Safari?

upgraded to version 14 today, now my TopSites is missing and not in any menu. I only see my favorites and no way to edit. I used top sites to actually see only a few (12 at most) frequent sites, not a list of 50 to sort through all the time. did I miss something and how do I fix this please.

Michael Calamia

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    1 year ago

    This feature is gone with Safari 14. You now have a Start Page that you can customize. The top part is Favorites, so just put the sites you want to see there in your Favorites in Bookmarks and you can pretty much have the same sites you saw before in Top Sites, totally controlled by you.

    Steve Schneider
    1 year ago

    Favorites does not work well as a substitute for Top Sites – This is a major step backwards. Give me back Safari 13.

    1 year ago

    Steve: Can you explain further? In what way does it not work for you? You’ve got Favorites, which can be exactly what you want, and then Frequently Visited, which gives you others — just like the pinned and other sites shown in Top Sites.

    1 year ago

    I don’t know about Steve, but I didn’t have my Top Sites saved in other places like Favorites. So Safari’s removal of them is highly frustrating!

    Bruce Cuthbert
    1 year ago

    My Top Sites ate just gone without any warning. Was there any heads up on this anywhere? How do I get my Top Sites list back? Will Apple gbe us back TopSites? The screen images were very helpful

    1 year ago

    Bruce: Safari 14 was in beta for a while and there was mention of this in the news. I even did a video a while back and showed the new Start Page. Did you see my more recent video on the Start Page? It shows how the Favorites and Recents sections of the Start Page can basically be the same as Top Sites, more or less. Actually, I feel it is better since you can do more in Favorites than you could on Top Sites.

    1 year ago

    This is ridiculous. They shouldn’t just delete something that I rely on. They should’ve at least took my top sites and saved them in a bookmarks folder instead of deleting them completely. Now I have to try and figure out all the sites I had previously put in Top Sites. Wasted an hour of my work day this morning trying to solve this, with no simple solution. Epic Fail, Apple.

    1 year ago

    If it helps, you can get to your old TOP SITES list and manually copy/paste to some other solution/bookmark — go to your LIBRARY (CMD+SHIFT+L or OPTION+GO menu), then SAFARI folder, then “TopSites.plist” — open this in a text editor (TEXTEDIT/BBEDIT/etc.) and the HTML links URLs are there.

    But I used the Top Sites all the time, and wish it were an option.

    1 year ago

    I hate that the top site feature is gone. The new start page is not the same nor as efficient. Yes, you can delete the websites you had saved as favorites, but I used this as a placeholder for sites that I wanted to go back and browse at in the future. Now it takes the place of the my old top sites feature. Also the icons are not near as big and characteristic to the site. Looks like I am in the majority of hating the change. Bring it back! Otherwise, I’ll switch to Chrome or Firefox.

    Kathryn Lauer
    1 year ago

    I hate this new start page. Hate, hate , hate it.

    James Reid
    1 year ago

    I like the old Top Sites page better. I lost important information in this change.

    Annie Maire
    1 year ago

    Apple, what is happening to you? You were always so smart full of excellent creative idea. The top sites were fantastic. I use those for my work as an interior designer every single days…. Now it is hell for me…. what is wrong with you???? So I did go to Library to find the addresses of my top sites but this is really not particle…. it is simply a huge disappointment. Please bring the Top Site back. Thank you.

    Quinta Scott
    1 year ago

    Top sites worked. I upgraded to 15.1 yesterday and everything went to help. Now I have to remember what I use and put in web address.

    Tim Cook is not doing his job. Upgrades with lousy user interface.

    1 year ago

    Gary–with all due respect, the new layout is a pitiful substitution for the former Safari layout. The icons are far smaller, making them almost illegible for those of us with imperfect eyesore. The icons do not convey the most recent information of when a page was most recently visited–i.e., they do not resemble the page most recently visited. The individual page captions are truncated, often making them meaningless. They do not contain updated information (e.g., Facebook notifications). Etc.

    1 year ago

    Jon: So it sounds like everything you are missing could be solved by just allowing a setting where the Favorites are shown as a preview, like the Frequently Visited section, right? Then why not suggest that to Apple?

    9 months ago

    Yet again! Change and redesign for no reason and because someone needed to make a change for change sake.
    Please put back Top Sites!
    Annoying beyond the beyond. Im not interested in relearning every time I update. I have other things I’d rather do and learn. My world doesn’t not revolve around Apple, nor the computer.

    8 months ago

    Really frustrated and so disappointed that top sites has gone without any warning! Exceptionally bad customer service

    william eggemeyer
    7 months ago

    Removal of Top Sites from Bookmarks was definitely a bad decision. I just wasted time trying to manage it in Big Sur and was surprised like the rest (migrated from Mojave to Big Sur). Oh, and by the way there is no Safari folder on my Big Sur install under either the system library and my username library, so where is it?

    7 months ago

    William: Not sure what you are looking for, but I definitely see a Safari folder in my user folder, library folder.

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