Forum Question: Where Do You Set the Default Account for Sending Mac Mail?

I use Mac mail and it is quite handy for sorting and indexing my mail. I have three mail accounts which I use for mail (Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail). TypiCally, I will simply click on the icon for creating a new message, type the message and then send it. I hadn’t been noticing before, but when I do this, the choice of which mail system is in the small windows at the top of the message. For reasons I am unclear about, sometimes it changes. For example, if I create a new message now, the first window shows my Yahoo account and to the right is “ (my hotmail address)
I have searched preferences etc and cannot locate a way to set a default. I prefer to use one (hotmail), but have no problem changing to the others once in a while.
Can you tell me where I can set the default for this?
Mike Wheless

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    11/24/11 @ 7:57 am

    You set this in the Mail preferences. Go to Mail, Preferences. Then go to the “Composing” section.
    There is a setting there for “Send new messages from.” You can set this to “Account of selected mailbox” which is the default. But that means it will change depending on which email you have been reading. So you can set it to a specific email account or alias.
    You can still use the pull-down menu to change this on a case-by-case basis, which is a nice feature.

      Michael Wheless
      11/24/11 @ 3:49 pm

      Thanks Gary, Worked like a charm. Amazingly simple. I had searched in preferences but obviously overlooked this.

    3/1/12 @ 8:26 pm

    Hi Gary,
    iOS Mail ‘signature’ configuration. One for ‘work’ one for social.?

    It appears that there is no way to Compartmentalise a mail Signature per mail account ( yahoo , gmail , iCloud etc ) on an iOS device ,as the default mail (out) server can only be set to one, nominated account eg yahoo.

    I naively thought setting up an iCloud mail account would create the possibility . I set up iCloud mail on my Mac and a signature.. Which I thought would carry over to ios devices.
    IF I just sent mail inside one account , rather than from ‘All Boxes’.

    One can do this in Mac based imail ‘mailboxes.’ . But not that I can discover on iOS devices .

    Is there a work around this limitation?

    Interesting problem …or non problem to ponder.


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