Forum Question: Where Else Do I Look for Email’s Trash Folder Settings?

I have the Settings/Accounts on all my devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac) set to delete items from trash after one month. But for some reason, my trash folder contains items up to only nearly a week old. All the accounts are IMAP type, and my most important provider doesn’t appear to have any settings to control this on their web interface.
Joel Anderson

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    2/1/17 @ 7:34 am

    If you are using IMAP, then yes, as you suspect, this setting would be with your email provider. I’d contact them to see where you can change this. If they have absolutely no settings or controls, and you don’t like how it is set up, you may want to shop around for another provider.

    2/1/17 @ 4:05 pm

    Thanks, Gary. I’ve opened a support ticket with them, so we’ll see how their response goes.

    2/1/17 @ 7:42 pm

    The provider in question, greengeeks, says that the level of server that I use (a shared one) doesn’t allow for any automatic emptying of trash, so it can’t be happening there. I’m going to keep monitoring, to see if I can isolate a cause.

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