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Where is Flash found?

All this talk about flash had me wondering which version I have.
I have a 2007 imac basic machine updated with Snow Leopard.
I went to System Profiler then software. I don’t see Adobe anywhere.
I can get Flash thru VLC which I installed. Does VLC contain Adobe flash?

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    9 years ago

    The Flash player isn’t software for your Mac, it is software for your browser. It is called a browser “plug-in.”
    There are several ways to figure out which version of this browser plug-in you have. The first is, in Safari, to go to Help, Installed Plug-Ins. This will bring up page of all of your browser plug-ins. Look for “Shockwave Flash.” It should list something like:
    Shockwave Flash 10.1 r82 — from file “Flash Player.plugin”.
    This would mean you have Flash player version 10.1, revision 82.
    You can also go to this page at Adobe’s web site:
    This will tell you basically the same thing. But it will also tell you the latest version and you can then upgrade if you are behind.
    As for VLC — I don’t know what you mean. VLC is a video player. It plays videos, not Flash content. I don’t think there is any relation.

      9 years ago

      I believe Bruce may be referring to .flv files, such as on YouTube. VLC Player will play those (as, of course, will QuickTime X).

        9 years ago

        Oh, I see. flv files are video files that can be played inside of Flash applications. Video is just a little part of what Flash can do. Flash applications are can be pretty much anything — games, for instance. When you see a Flash video on the web, like on YouTube, it is a Flash application that is essentially a video player that streams a flv file (or several flv files).

    9 years ago

    Thank you, that clears up a lot. I was out of date.
    Cameron was right I was referring to .flv files. All this is very confusing to me.
    How do I get .flv to play in Quicktime. Whenever I try to open .flv files up in Quicktime they are grayed out.
    Thanks again.

      9 years ago

      You don’t. flv files are made to be streamed by Flash movies online. They don’t play in QuickTime.

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