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Where Is My Apple ID Password Stored In Keychain?

Keychain: I want to know why my Mac will not automatically fill in my Apple ID password when I am downloading an app from the app store, nor will does it seem to store my Apple ID password, such that I can find it when I do a search of Keychain,and, finally, when I create a new password, it does not offer to save it. I assume this is a security feature, but what a pain.

I am trying to do this in two specific instances: accessing iCloud to find my phone and today, prior to downloading an app from the app store, I needed my apple ID password. The same thing happens on the iphone. If Touch ID doesn’t work (and for me, my fingerprints seem to fade over time), I have to manually enter my password, which does not seem to be stored anywhere on the phone.
Phyllis Capanna

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    2 years ago

    That's right, it is for security. If you visit it will store it as a password for that site. But for things like the the App Store, you have to enter it (or use Touch ID).

    But you don't need it to use Find My. Just use the Find My app that is on your Mac. You don't need to log into the iCloud website for that. And for the App Store, you can set it to not require your password. Go to System Preferences, Apple ID, Media & Purchases and set it to Never Require. It is in pretty much the same place on your iPhone.

    Phyllis Capanna
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary, very helpful. However, just now checking my iPhone settings I need to enter the apple id PW to make any changes. I have it on a piece of paper. Seems crazy.

    Arati pun
    1 year ago

    I forget my Apple ID password

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