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Where Is My Custom Format When Opening a New Sheet?

Hello, I followed your Youtube video about creating custom Format for cell phone number(leading zero). All works well but when opening a new sheet and and want to use this format its not showing in the drop down list of data format. I’m I missing something or do I have to format this every time when I want to have leading zeros.

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    4 years ago

    In Pages, Numbers, and Keynote any style changes and things like that are saved in the document. So when you open up a new document, everything starts off fresh.

    If you find you need a style or something often, it makes sense to create an empty document using that style, and save it as a new custom template. Then start new documents with your custom template instead of one of the default templates.

    On the other hand, if you just want to do something like use a single style from one document in another, copy and paste works. So in your case if you copy a phone number cell from one document to another, the formatting from that cell comes with it. Now you have that in your new document and can use it there too.

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