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Where is the best place to keep automator actions?

I am using a new Drobo. I’ve downloaded and automator script so that I don’t have TimeMachine taking up 4 TB of space. Where do I keep this little script, and is there a way to make it so the script only runs when my system is connected to a certain drive (e.g. the Drobo)?

— Todd Peperkorn

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    11 years ago

    Not sure on your second question, but as to your first you can put the script anywhere. Just create a place for it according to how you usually organize things.
    I’m not sure what the script is actually doing, so it is hard to make recommendations.

    Todd A. Peperkorn
    11 years ago

    Ok as to the first. On the second, as I understand it, TimeMachine automatically fills up whatever drive it is being used on. That isn’t really helpful when you’re using a Drobo. So this automator makes it so that it will only take up twice the size of the HD it’s backing up.

      11 years ago

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to partition your Drobo? (Warning: DO NOT try to live partition your Drobo).
      I used a Drobo for a TM backup for a short time. But then I realized it was such a waste. The Drobo will secure your data, sure, but this is a backup. It is like taking an important document, xeroxing it, and then putting the xerox in a vault while the original sits on your desk.

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