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Where Is Wallet On My Mac?

Where is the Wallet App?
Running Monterey Beta 6. Want to add my new Apple Card to Wallet on Mac mini but can’t find it.
Paul Knox

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    2 years ago

    System Preferences, Wallet & Apple Pay.

    But note you have to have a Mac with a security chip on it to store the wallet data. Any Mac with Touch ID would have it. A Mac mini wouldn't normally have it.

    You can still use Apple Pay on a Mac without the security chip, but you have to do it through your iPhone. When you get to a site that accepts Apple Pay, and use it, it should ask for confirmation on your iPhone. So your iPhone is where you would set up your wallet entries in that case.

    Paul Knox
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary!
    Appreciate the quick response. Yes, have an M1 Mac Mini. Understand now, issue resolved.
    Thank you sir!

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