Forum Question: Where to buy new or refurbished 1st gen 16GB Wifi iPad

Administrative Professionals Day is upon us, and I’d like to get my secretary an iPad, but am on a tight budget, so I’m thinking 1st generation 16GB Wifi. I don’t want used, but new or refurbished would be okay. I need to have it by the weekend. Can anyone help me find a good online source with great pricing and fast shipping? Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated

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    4/22/11 @ 8:49 am

    I got my refurbished 1st generation iPad from the apple site at a reduced price but it came from Hong Kong and it took a week to get here. If you want to view them just put “refurbished ipad” in the apple store search window. You could give her a card with a picture of the iPad and coming soon on it to let her know you ordered it.

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