Forum Question: Which CS5 suite should I get?

Do you use CS5 in your video production, or use CS5 in your other endeavors? I video edit with FCP7, have used Color and Soundtrack Pro to fix production issues, and now I am getting into creating Motion graphics. With some of the deals out there by Adobe, I am thinking of getting CS5 to play around with image correction/manipulation, perhaps create a more professional looking website using Dreamweaver instead of iWeb. I have Rapidweaver. Anyway, CS5 comes in so many packages . . . Master Collection has it all, perhaps that’s the best bang for the buck? Any suggestions?

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    11/26/10 @ 9:29 pm

    I don’t use CS5 for video. I use it primarily for Flash game development.
    Hard to suggest which direction to take. You seem to be looking at all sides — and a lot depends on your budget.

    11/26/10 @ 10:10 pm

    Web premium is $380 which has most if not all I am looking for, whereas Master Collection is $830, a difference of $500. Web premium is missing InDesign + Production Premium. Production Premium looks like it’s Adobe’s version of FCP which I have, but not sure what InDesign does or its purpose.

    My budget can afford the extra $500, but wouldn’t want to spend it if I wasn’t getting any benefit. :)

    11/26/10 @ 10:48 pm

    Ooops, bad math . . . difference is $450. Actually it looks like Design Premium is what I am looking for, Web Premium’s strength is in creating RIAs (rich Internet Applications). So for $450 I would be getting some apps that might be better than in FCP. I hear After Effects is better than Motion.

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