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Which iOS Photo Sharing Program Could Replace Journals?

JOURNALS was perfect photo edit/share program that Apple pulled after iOS 7…so until now, kept old iOS so I could continue using JOURNALS. Now have new iPad Pro w/IOS 9.2 and looking for solid photo share as similar features as possible…any candidates?
Hal Plimpton

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    4 years ago

    Have you tried to use the photo sharing system in Photos that works with iCloud? It is pretty easy to use and it works well. I did a video on it.
    Other than that there are a variety of these types of apps in the app store. I would just look at them and see if one fits your needs.
    Many people today use Facebook or Instagram for photo sharing. The old method of sharing a bunch of photos to a web page is not as popular anymore.

    Hal Plimpton
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the quick reply Gary…will check these out….Hal

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