Forum Question: Which Is the Best Office App for iPhone

Hello Gary,
In your experience, which is the best app to access MS Office docs in iPhone and why?
Sunny Sharma

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    8/25/12 @ 9:48 am

    Well, I haven’t tried any of the apps that are supposed to create office-compatible documents. Haven’t had the need.
    I think the answer here depends on what you really want.
    Do you want the closest compatibility with Office files? Then probably one of the third-party apps that claims to do this is what you want. I haven’t tested them, though.
    Or, do you simply want good word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps? Then Pages, Numbers and Keynote are excellent choices, and I do use those and like them.
    Or, are you simply looking to READ documents on your iPhone? You suggest that in your question with the word “access.” If you just want to read them, then try using the DropBox app, or GoodReader. They both display Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Though they might do so at different levels of quality I’ve never tested PowerPoint docs on either.

    8/25/12 @ 9:24 pm

    Yes, I am looking for closest compatibility with Office files. Most of my work stuff is either in Word or Excel format and I use DropBox to view the files.

    But every now and then, they need editing on the go, without changing any original document formatting.

    For my personal use I use Pages and Numbers app.

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