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Which Is the Browser for Watching YouTube or Netflix and Doing Normal Work?

I am a student i use my browser for regular use like for watching YouTube videos or Netflix and doing work

which browser do you recommend for watching YouTube google chrome or safari and which browser for regular use chrome or safari?

as we are in online word, it is important to understand which browser is suitable for your laptop

Device: Mac Running Big Sur

App: Something Else
krish agrawal

Comments: 2 Responses to “Which Is the Browser for Watching YouTube or Netflix and Doing Normal Work?”

    2 years ago

    Use Safari. It is optimized for Mac, it is part of macOS, it is very mindful of your battery life, it has better privacy, it syncs thinks like bookmarks, tabs, passwords and history across your other Apple devices using iCloud.

    There's no reason you can't also have Chrome or Firefox installed in use some poorly-implemented website insists you use one of those two browsers. But use Safari for every day normal work.

    10 Reasons To Make Safari Your Default Browser
    and Which Browser Is Better On Mac: Safari Or Chrome?

    J. Ross
    2 years ago

    I needed to do screen sharing with Apple the other day and when using Firefox, I kept getting an error message that I had to update the OS before screen sharing cold begin. I had the latest update so that didn't help. I switched to Safari and this issue disappeared.

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