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Which MacBook Pro To Buy?

I am interested in buying either a 15 inch or 17 inch MacBook Pro. Thing is though, I can’t decide which one I should purchase. Both versions have the specs that I want (8 gigs of ram, I7 quad core and 512g SSD) but is there some additional benefit to having a 17 inch vs the 15 inch? Is there something the 17 inch has to offer that the 15 doesn’t? Any feedback would be very helpful. Also, I would use this computer for Video editing as well as gaming.

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    12 years ago

    Well, the larger screen is one thing. For graphics professionals, video editors and some programmers that is very important. The largest screen that can be carried around.
    Then there is the ExpressCard/34 slot. There are some uses that require that. Some video equipment, for instance. If you need an ExpressCard/34 slot, then the 17-inch is your only option.
    It also has an extra USB port. If you happen to do something for a living that requires three devices without a hub, then that's another factor.

    Bob P.
    12 years ago

    I saw this post & wanted to offer some input.
    I struggled between buying a 15" and 17". I ended up buying the 17" & if I had to do over, I would've bought the 15" primarily because the 17" is bulkier to handle. I thought I needed the 17" because my eyes needed the bigger print but in fact you can adjust the font size on any screen so the size of the screen doesn't matter. Also, I believe I read where the battery on a 15" screen will last longer because there's less screen area to illuminate. I don't know if that's true or not, but it makes sense.
    One other thing you might consider is whether to get a non-glare screen. The non-glare screen is available on both the 17" & 15". I bought the non-glare screen and glad I did because if there are any bright lights, or a window behind you when using the computer, you wasn't have to fight the glare. The non-glare screen really helps in this regard by minimizing eye strain. I think it's money well spent.
    Hope this helps. I'd be glad to answer any questions if you have some.

    12 years ago

    I went with a 17" glossy screen over a year ago. People who look over my shoulder say, "Wow! That's a *super* display." (color rendition, crispness, etc.) Yes, backlighting/reflections can be irritating but not insurmountable. Just as in printing photos, glossy gives sharper image than matte. It *is* as heavy as a brick and unwieldy, but most people buy these as a "desktop replacement" and never look back. I vote for 17". At Apple's prices, what's a few hundred $ ?

    12 years ago

    Also, I *do* use all three USB ports (17" only) simultaneously, since don't need/want hub.

    Michael Wheless
    12 years ago

    I have a 15 inch and happy with the choice. My needs are less than professionals, so I look more for convenience. I can deal with the fewer ports, but my requirements are fewer than some. The only reason I even comment is to share my opinion re: size and bulkiness. The 15 inch is at the limit of what I would want to carry around. Once in a while I use a smart phone and a net book, but the 15 inch MBP is a quantum leap in weight and awkwardness. I think carefully before I choose to carry it on a day trip.

    Brian H
    12 years ago

    Something else to consider, is a 15 with an external monitor. That way you have portability when you need it and then at home or office, plug into a larger monitor.

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