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Which MacBook Should I Get?

Looking to buy either MacBook Air or mac book Pro
I can have a 2017 Pro for app same price as 2018 Air- but Air would have 256GB harddrive.
I have an late 2012 Imac+ Ipads+ iPhones- main use – excel sheets, word docs, internet & photo’s ( app 15k photos- using Apple photo app)

QUESTION’s- Which do you think I should go for?
With with can I upgrade RAM myself?
Thank you

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    2 years ago

    It is very subjective. MacBook Pro has more power, MacBook Air is lighter. Sounds like hard drive capacity would be very important to you with that many photos. You cannot upgrade the RAM in a MacBook. Pay attention to the GPU too, as that will have a big effect on memory and speed.

    See Choosing the Right MacBook For You for more tips.

    2 years ago

    Thanks – So I could upgrade RAM in a MacBook Pro?
    With regard to photo storage – I am confused as I am being told hard drive not important as I should store majority of files/photo’s in the cloud or 365 Onedrive.
    I already back up via iCloud + 2 remote hard drives In addition I am being told I can access hard drive of iMac and indeed use its screen via Macbbok air or Pro-
    Any thoughts/ advice on any of the above aspects would be welcome

    2 years ago

    Graham: No. You cannot upgrade RAM on any of the MacBooks. Yes, you can (and should) store your photos in iCloud, but you still use local storage to work with the photos (view, edit, arrange). A larger drive will help with that. Since photos seem important to you, then I would get a larger drive. In 12 years of helping people, I have never once heard anyone say “I wish i had gotten a smaller drive.” I hear the opposite all the time.
    You can access your iMac from another Mac (or device) but whether that feature is useful or not to you depends on a lot of things.

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