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Which Section Of My HD To Run Disk Utility First Aid On?

Occasionally I like to run Apples Disk Utility First Aid on my Mac. When I open Disk Utility, I see (from top to bottom on the left side of the DU screen…APPLE SSD AP1024M Media, Container disk1, Doug’s Mac mini (grayed out),… and Doug’s Mac mini – Data.

Which one… or one’s.. of these do I run First Aid on?
Doug Brandt

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    3 years ago

    First, make sure you choose View, Show All Devices in Disk Utility. Even if you know that, I need to say it here because so many people don't know to do that. Only when you choose View, Show All Devices will you see your actual hard drive and the volumes or partitions on it.

    According to this article from Apple,, you should basically run it on everything, starting with volumes in the container, then the container, then the disk itself. And you should do it from recovery mode.

    That said, there's really no reason to do it at all unless you are having a problem or a support person has asked you to do it in trying to diagnose an issue.

    Doug Brandt
    3 years ago

    As always Gary... thank you for your quick response!

    Donald Sellers
    3 years ago

    unrelated comment- Just love MacMost, that's all.

    3 years ago

    Donald: ❤️

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