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White Thumbnail Border Still Appears for Edited Photos After Catalina OS Upgrade

Prior to the Catalina OS upgrade, the white thumbnail border on any edited photos (using Photoshop), would disappear. I liked this feature so I can see which photos have been modified.

After the OS upgrade, any photos I have edited still have the white thumbnail borders, which makes it impossible fo me to see at a glance which pics have been modified.

Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

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    4 years ago

    So I'm guessing you are talking about the icon in the Finder, is that right? Or do you mean in the image itself?

    I'm going to assume you mean the Finder icon, as a white border around the actual image wouldn't make any sense.

    So nothing has changed in macOS. If you have an image file, and there is no custom icon associated with that file, then you get a representation of that image with a white border around it.

    I think what you were experiencing before was that if you assign a custom icon to a file, then that custom icon is used as-is. So no self-generated icon with a white border.

    Try this: Open an image in Preview by double-clicking it. Select all and copy (Command+A, Command+C). Quit Preview. Then select the file again and use Command+I to bring up the file info. Select the icon at the top of the info window. Paste (Command+V). Notice how the file icon has no white border around it anymore? That's because it is using the custom icon you assigned, and not a self-generated one.

    My guess is that Photoshop used to do this. When you saved a file from Photoshop, it used to create a custom icon for that file and added it to that file. So you saw the image without a border. Then Photoshop stopped doing that and now you see the self-generated image with the border. This would make sense as maybe Photoshop started doing that back before macOS automatically showed image icons based on the image. But now that macOS has worked like this for a long time, Adobe dropped that feature as it wasn't needed.

    So I'm thinking this wasn't a change for you caused by any macOS update, but by an Adobe Photoshop update. Or maybe Photoshop only created custom icons if the version of macOS was old.

    Either way, you are going to have to find another way to figure out which images have been modified. Maybe look at them in list view and have the created and modified dates visible so you can compare them. Or, just use the modified dates to get the general idea.

    4 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    I believe you are are correct that Photoshop no longer creates custom icons for edited photos. I did update my Photoshop recently. When I copy/paste the photo in the file info as you mentioned, it then displays the edited photo with no white borders. I now view photos by modified date, but it's not ideal for the many photos that I edit, especially if I edit photos within the span of days or even weeks. Thanks for your confirmation.

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