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Who Do I Move Hidden Safari Bookmark Folders?

This relates to Bookmarks – Folders (approx 18 containing numerous related Bookmarks). Some Folders have mysteriously become hidden within other Folders, making it necessary to open Folders in turn to find the nested Folder and then its Bookmarks. Is there any way of extracting the nested Folder with its contents and then ideally, to sort Folders in alphabetical title order?

With lesser used Bookmark Folders it is difficult for me to remember which unrelated Folder contains what I seek, so requiring previously unnecessary search time.
Michael Arnold

Comments: One Response to “Who Do I Move Hidden Safari Bookmark Folders?”

    3 years ago

    Basically, just drag and drop. In Safari, go to Bookmarks, Edit Bookmarks. Then on the Bookmarks screen, you can open up those folders and drag and drop other folders in and out to place them however you want.

    Pay special attention to the blue line with a circle at the left that appears as you drag. That will tell you where you are dropping the dragged item. If you move to the left, it will got "out" of the folder. If you move to the right it will go "in" to the folder. Play around as you brand you'll get the hang of it pretty quick.

    There's no way to have Safari automatically alphabetize the bookmarks for you. You have to drag them where you want. If you have that many, consider searching instead of selecting the item from the sidebar or menu bar. You can quickly find the item you need by searching the bookmarks instead of remembering where it is.

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