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Why Are Apps Missing From the Share Menu?

Do you have any explanation for why apps appear in some Share Menu views and not others? I don’t mean can be added by selecting the “edit” button, but why in e.g. Safari I can share to app X (which is in the icon list), but in Files app X isn’t included in either the icon list or text list and cannot be added via “edit”? This is even when sharing the same File type (webpage or pdf, for example)?

I there any way to introduce apps where they aren’t included under the “edit” menu? Thx

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    1 year ago

    Are you talking about on a Mac, iPad or iPhone? I’ll assume iPad/iPhone since you mention the “Files” app.

    What appears in the Share menus depends on a variety of factors, but mostly what types of things those apps say they handle. For instance, an app that specifies that It handles images will appear in a Share menu that is associated with selecting images. An app that can be used to share a link to a web page would appear if you have a web page selected or are viewing one. But it is all according to what that app developer has specified. You can’t do anything to change the app itself. That is up to the developer.

    So in the case of Safari versus Files, they are show very different things. Sharing from Safari is usually about sharing a link to the current page. Some apps may allow that. But sharing from Files is about sharing files, very different from links.

    Without having a specific example it is hard for me to say more.

    1 year ago

    “App X” that I had in mind was PDF-it-All on iOS. It has a nice simple interface for converting various types of input to PDF. It appears in the Safari share pane (e.g. when converting a webpage to PDF). But once that file has been saved to iCloud, it does not appear in the Files Share dialogue again when I try to edit or merge a PDF. Worse in the PDF-it-All app the iCloud saved files don’t show up even though other PDFs do in the same folder. Bizarre.

    1 year ago

    Also forgot this – is there any way to remove items from the Action list in Share? Most of the items in that list are completely irrelevant/redundant.

    1 year ago

    Max: So it sounds like the developer of that app has some work to do. Have you tried contacting their support? As for removing items, you know how to remove some (Edit…) but otherwise you’d need to remove the app itself. Is there some specific app that you see that is irrelevant in some situation?

    Bill mauchly
    5 months ago

    There is more too it. My iPad is lets me share pictures to Facebook, Instagram, several graphics programs. My iPhone has a different smaller list, without those. I look in Suggestions and they are not there. It’s rather irksome.

    Margaret Tom
    3 months ago

    Bill Mauchy, I have the same problem on my iPhone. After an upgrade it drops off some of the apps I used to be able to share to. Like when wanting to share a photo or video WhatsApp is not there and it was before! How do I add apps to the Share list that aren’t listed?

    3 months ago

    Bill and Margaret: First scroll the icons all the way to the left in the Share sheet and look for the last one, named “More.” Select that and see if you can add it.
    If it still isn’t there, then perhaps the app removed the ability to share that way, or perhaps the code in that app is out-of-date and no longer supported. You can always try a restart, or a more extreme measure: uninstalling and reinstalling that app. But if the icon doesn’t appear then your only recourse is to contact the developer of that app for support.

    4 weeks ago

    Just FYI, this problem affects Android phones, also. Maybe it’s a fragment of code from a long time ago, even back in Unix days….

    Denise Mcdonough
    3 weeks ago

    It doesn’t make sense on 2 – iOS devices, iPad & iPhone newer versions for both & Photos don’t Share to GoodNotes (Notability is!) Hours searching to Share photos to GoodNotes you have START from Goodnotes, laborious. I prefer to use the multi-select option If you use it on a laptop you can dump things into it for study but mobile Photos are not in Files/iCloud – I can see them in so why not link the? I am not a programmer & realise features are many, time is limited and so is mine :)

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