Forum Question: Why are iMovie Titles changing?

I’m putting together a slide show for a funeral. I created it in Keynote, exported it to a QT movie, then imported it into iMovie. Per their request, I’ve added a music track. Since the song is in Spanish, they asked for English subs. I’ve been using Lower Third Titles to do this. When I view it in the preview window, it looks perfect. However, when exported, several of the titles are smaller and justified left. If I preview the project full screen, the same titles shrink and appear to the left, but not when viewed in the small preview window at the top right of iMovie. Why the inconsistency, and is there a remedy? The funeral is at noon!

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    7/16/11 @ 8:04 am

    Which version of iMovie are you using? Seems I have seen this problem before, but not in a while. Maybe it was an issue with iMovie 08 or iMovie 09? That’s one idea.
    As for “why” — I don’t know. But you don’t care about why, you want to know how to fix it, and quick.
    It is probably just a matter of deleting and re-creating the titles that are misbehaving. Do that, and preview full screen again. Fix any more that show up. Repeat if you need to. Then export. Check it again. Delete and re-create any more. Repeat. You should be done quickly that way.

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