Forum Question: Why are “sent” emails still in “drafts”?

Lately I’ve noticed that oftentimes, after an email has been sent, it will still be showing up as a draft. It makes me question whether or not the email was actually sent. Yet I heard the “sent” sound, so is it gone, still in draft, or both?

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    10/11/11 @ 10:59 am

    It depends on your email server. Usually “Drafts” is a folder or tag reflected by shat is on the server in newer email systems (IMAP, Gmail, etc).
    Does the email remain in the Draft “folder” or does it disappear soon after?
    Also, check in your Mail, Preferences, Accounts settings. Select the account and look in Mailbox behaviors. There are some settings there for the Drafts folders in some types of accounts.

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