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Why Are Tables Moving When Pasting On a New Page?

I am an avid pages user who adds tables to many pages for work. However, with the newest update when I copy & paste tables between pages they move slightly. This is regardless of being “stay on page” with nothing around to move it.

For example:
New table on Page 01 at 1cm Left and 1cm Top margin > copied > pasted on Page 02. Now it has moved to be 0.93cm Left Margin & 0.93cm Top margin. Nothing I do stops if from moving these small increments even though it shouldn’t. This has only been an issue with the new version of Pages. Also happens in safe mode/guest accounts.

It should paste in the exact same location as the original, just on a new page but it moves. I’ve used pages since 2011 so this is not an issue that has always been there. Is anyone able to replicate this issue and report it as a bug to Apple?

Thank you!

I create 100-500 page documents using tables on about 90% of my pages. I need to be able to fast copy & paste onto those pages but I am having to pause after each paste to move the table to what should be it’s location.

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    2 years ago

    Seems to be a bug. I see it too. Send feedback to Apple, but otherwise you'll just need to set the X and Y positions.

    I noticed that if you select both a table and a shape, and the top left corner of the shape is above and to the left of the table, and copy them both, and paste, then it works fine. So it must have to do with the top left border of the table. Changing the border changes the amount it is off by, but setting the border to none doesn't completely fix it.

    So you can place a small shape just above the top left corner and copy both the shape and the table and paste both. Or, you can place a rectangle shape behind the entire table, just a little larger than it. Make the shape white or transparent and this could be a temporary solution for you. Grouping the shape and table works, but then it is harder to access the table for editing.

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