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Why are there two Applications folders on my Mac

I have an iMac running Snow Leopard.
I am its only user and put, by default, new applications into my /Applications folder (i.e., in a top-level folder).
However, long, long ago, I noticed that some installer had created a ~/Applications folder (i.e., under my home directory). Now this folder has always been empty; there are no applications in there, or anything else, for that matter.
My question is: would there be any harm in deleting that folder, as it seems to serve no purpose?
Richard Fuhr

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    10 years ago

    That second folder was not created by an installer. It is there as part of the OS X install. Every user folder has an Applications folder in it, next to the Documents, Music, Pictures and other folders.
    The purpose of that user/Applications folder is to hold applications that are only available to that one user.
    Typical Mac users may never have a single application in there, however. But occasionally you are asked whether you want an application installed for all users on the Mac, or just you. Unless the Mac is being used by a community of people, then you should always choose “all users” and let the application go into the main Applications folder.
    But do not delete that Applications folder. It is a standard folder for each user on the system and OS X expects it to be there. It will do no harm.

      9 years ago

      I have three other application folders within my applications folder!!! very annoying

        9 years ago

        INSIDE your applications folder? And they are all named “Applications”?
        Or do you just mean subfolders, like for Office or Adobe or other things. It is common to have folders in there so things can be organized, but if you don’t like it, you should be able to re-organize it to your liking.

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