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Why Are Websites Now Using Grey Text On White Backgrounds?

What happened to black text on white backgrounds? All my life I have read books with black text on white backgrounds. Now we have to read text in all colors with backgrounds in all colors. Some are completely unreadable. Is there any setting on computers to change the text on websites? Thank You for any help
Robert Sigafoos

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    4 years ago

    I don’t know. You may want to ask a professional web designer that. It probably has to do something with how light works differently coming from computer displays than it does when reflecting off of paper.
    As for adjusting it, you can always use the Reader view in Safari for that. Then you have a lot of control. You can also go into System Preferences, Displays and adjust the color of your screen, though that may throw off colors in photos as well.
    You can go into System Preferences, Accessibility, Display and turn on Increase Contrast too. Though when I just tried it I didn’t like the results.
    Reader View is probably your best bet. You can even view white text on a black background and a variety of other options as well.

    Strat Simon
    4 years ago

    As a former creative director I can tell you that the real reason is that art directors and graphic artists create what looks best regardless of readability or ability to communicate.
    In short, they are building their own portfolios for future jobs. It is more attractive/striking and few potential clients bother to try to read what it says.

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