Forum Question: Why can only one of 2 Macs on network see printer?

For some time now, we’ve had a printer connected to our home network that we access through the Family MacBook, which shares the printer with other devices on the network. Today, I tried printing from my MBA and was told the printer was offline. I went to the Family MacBook and saw the printer listed as idle. In my attempts to troubleshoot, I accidentally deleted all the printers from the list in System Prefs (on the Family MacBook). I went to re-add the printer to the list from the Family MacBook, but the printer only shows up as a Bonjour printer via my MBA. How do I re-associate it with the Family MacBook, which is always on and sharing the printer with the rest of the family’s devices?

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    6/6/11 @ 2:46 pm

    Hard to troubleshoot without being there and seeing everything. You’ve just got to go through all of your settings and figure out what is different between the two machines.

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