Forum Question: Why Can’t My Apple TV See My Shared Content?

If I go into iTunes Preferences > Sharing and choose to share selected playlists from my Mac on my network, I cannot find the content anywhere on my Apple TV. However, the second I turn on Home Sharing, it’s all there. Why?

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    10/31/11 @ 12:11 pm

    Not sure. It may be have to do with other settings in iTunes on your Mac, and your Apple TV and your network.
    But why worry about it? If it works, then what’s the issue? Just leave Home Sharing on.

      10/31/11 @ 12:46 pm

      It’s because we have two Macs, each with distinct libraries and distinct Apple IDs, and we want to share them both with the same Apple TV.

        10/31/11 @ 2:46 pm

        For Home Sharing you pick one of your house’s Apple IDs and use that as your Home Sharing ID. Doesn’t matter which, as long as it is the same for all. Then you can transfer music and apps between them. And both should then work with your Apple TV.

    12/18/12 @ 10:48 pm

    That’s the issue, it doesn’t work beyond asking for the darn sharing thing. It used to work even if there was no Mac. I am totally lost in a dead end street.

      12/19/12 @ 7:46 am

      Not sure what you could mean by “used to work even if there was no Mac.” If there was no Mac, then what were you sharing?

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