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Why Do I Have 2 Documents Folders In iCloud Drive?

One of the folders has an icon on it that looks like a document and there is nothing in it. The other folder is a plain envelope folder and has all the document files in it. These show up both on my iMac using High Sierra and my MacBook pro using Mojave. I have icloud turned on with option documents and desktop on both machines. Can I delete one of these folder and if so which one? Should I move the files in the plain folder to the one with the icon?

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    2 years ago

    I’m not sure what that other one is. You said that one looks like a folder and has “all the document files in it.” So that is obviously the right one. Obviously, don’t delete that one.

    The other is empty? Are you sure it has exactly the same name — not an extra space or character or something?

    What do you see if you look “directly” at iCloud Drive by logging into Are there two shown then? Same names and the same icons?

    Arthur Caldara
    2 years ago

    I deleted the one with the icon on it, and everything seems to be working fine. I was wondering if maybe it was an icon that a program I once had created it. I deleted it because it had nothing in it anywhere ( or icloud drive ) it was not in my home folder.

    2 years ago

    Arthur: Impossible for me to say. Dd you “Get Info” on it before you deleted it? Or, maybe try to double-click it?

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