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Why Do Programs Open When I Restart?

At night time I turn my iMac off. When I restart next day the screen shows a multiple programs are opening. I have to close the screens one by one
Next day the same
I am using iMac 27. 2020 intel
The problem started about a month ago and doesn’t seem to affect anything else.

I am just restarting the iMac at the beginning of the day
Jamie L

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    2 years ago

    Off? Do you mean you shut it down? Or do you put it to sleep?
    If you shut it down, reconsider that. See

    You never mention which apps these are. I'll assume it was the apps you were using when you shut down.

    When you shut down, are you shutting down with apps running and windows open? If so, it is normal for then those apps to resume where they left off when you start up again. That is how it is supposed to work.

    Otherwise, close those documents and windows, quit those apps and then shut down. Or, when you shut down, note the option there whether to restart apps. Check or uncheck that as you like. There is also a setting in System Preferences, General for "Close windows when quitting an app" which will determine when those apps launch whether they resume where they left off.

    Jamie L
    2 years ago

    Thanks for your quick response. I will try the action you indicated. Your knowledge and willingness to help is amazing. Thanks again.

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