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Why Does an iPhone or iPad Need to Sleep During iCloud Backup?

I was wondering would you please explain to me in a easy way that I can understand: why does an iPod, iPhone or a iPad need to sleep when its plugged in for it to perform its back up to the iCloud?


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    3 years ago

    Yes. I can think of two reasons. First, courtesy. Backing up takes up processing power, battery power, and bandwidth. If you could use your iPhone while it did an iCloud backup, it would be slower than usual in many ways. Plus, if you weren’t plugged in, it may drain your battery so that you run out of power when you need it later.

    Second, when you use your device, you are changing the data on it. Data is downloaded, uploaded, changed, updated, app states are different (where you are in the app, what you are doing), etc. So backing up your iPhone is tough to do when it is changing. Imagine being given an essay and told to copy it to another sheet of paper, but while you are copying it, someone else is erasing words and replacing them with new ones on the original paper. Would be difficult to keep thing straight.

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