Forum Question: Why Does Apple Sell Anti-Virus Software?

Gary, I noticed that Apple sells an anti-virus software for the Mac on its website.
If Apple and power users such as yourself stress the lack of need for AV on the Mac, then why would Apple be selling this product? It seem a bit contradictory on their part. That is unless there is a specific use for this product. What’s your take on this their reasoning and on this software?

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    4/25/12 @ 3:55 pm

    My take on it?
    The Apple Store sells tons of stuff. They sell cases, headphones, software, books, games, printers, etc. It doesn’t mean that they think all Mac users should buy all of that stuff.
    I think you are looking for too much meaning when there isn’t any. The specific software you are referring to is just a product. Their marketing department went through whatever channels to get it listed in the Apple Store. I’m certain that the Apple engineering team doesn’t get a say in what the retail branch of Apple carries. The retail people probably thought that some people may buy it, so they carried it.
    Think about this: Apple includes earbuds with their iPods. But they also stock tons of earphone alternatives in the store. Apple makes Pages, Numbers and Keynote, but they also stock Microsoft Office. Apple makes their own keyboards, but they also stock other brands.
    I don’t see Apple stocking a particular piece of software as an endorsement of that software as being a necessity for users.

    4/26/12 @ 4:18 am

    Great response!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    4/26/12 @ 9:59 am

    I wonder if they sell iMacs that are not faulted. I would not buy anything out of an Apple store,because i can get brand named goods for computers from the town at cheaper prices. Also the nearest Apple store is about 20 miles away. It would help if they had mini stores in towns. It was rumoured that some Apple computers had a virus through downloading Java or the Flash player. They fixed that by downloading a patch. I got mine about two weeks ago.

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