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Why Does Mojave Not Share Word Doc In Email?

I have always been able to go into Word, File, Share, Email as an attachment until I updated to Mojave. Now an email does not open and I have to do things in reverse. Open a new message drag and drop Word doc. However, if I go to Print I can send in email. (Just discovered that)


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    2 years ago

    Which version of Word are you using? I’m on 16.23 and it works for me. I can go to File, Share, Send as Document and then a new email message opens up with that Word document attached.

    Perhaps you are using an older version fo Word that hasn’t been updated?

    Note that this is functionality in Word, at least until it gets to the point where it switches to Mail. However, if you go to Print, PDF, Send in Mail, that is system functionality where you are “printing” to a PDF and that PDF is being attached to an email. That is available pretty much anywhere you can print in macOS. The big difference is you are sending a non-editable PDF of the document, not a Word document.

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I have an older version of Word 2011 (14.2.4) but everything was OK until Mojave. That’s the thing about printing, it saves to a PDF. I’ll continue to drag and drop until I lash out and buy the updated 64 bit Word.

    Charles Reich
    2 years ago

    On older Word .doc’s, such as created in your your Word 2011, Open your .doc in Mojave’s Pages. Go to Pages toolbar > File > Export to > Word…. and Pages will now save your creation as a .docx file, which is the latest Word version. And it will now load (and send) in Mojave Mail as a .docx.

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