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Why Does My MacBook Conitinuously Change Its Local Host Name and How Can Stop This?

Periodically, when I awake my MacBook in the morning, I get a message that says, “This computer’s local hostname “MacBook Pro-8.local” is already in use on this network. The name has been changed to “MacBook-Pro-9.local.”

Why does this happen? Should I be concerend by this and should I be doing something to make it stop? I would like to share a screen shot as an attachment, but there does not seem to be a way to do this.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,
Jim Emmons

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    3 years ago

    Hard to say why this may be happening without a firsthand look and diagnosis. There’s no reason to be concerned as long as you are getting a good connection.
    It sounds like maybe your network Wi-Fi router is not handling things well. You didn’t mention which Wi-Fi router you are using. Perhaps it isn’t a very good one or it is out of date or hasn’t been updated? Either way, a “local hostname” isn’t that important in a home network situation so I wouldn’t stress over this at all.

    Douglas Brace
    3 years ago


    Do you have multiple computers at home on your network?

    If yes, there is a chance that you made a Time Machine (or other type) backup of one (maybe an older machine) and restored it onto another one (maybe a new machine). Doing this duplicates the computer name.

    It seems like you have different devices that have the same name and that is causing a conflict.

    Go into System Preference > Sharing > Computer Name and give each device a unique name if they are all the same.


    James Lin
    3 years ago

    My MBP does this continuously on my work network if I have it simultaneously plugged into my thunderbolt dock with Ethernet and connected to wi-fi. I’m told it has to do with the two networks being connected to each other but different. No true fix except to disconnect wifi when plugging into a hard wired network.

    3 years ago

    James: Yes, this is the most common cause for this, I think. I assumed that Jim wasn’t using an ethernet connection though as that is rare and he didn’t mention it. But good to mention here for others who find this page later on! Thanks.

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