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Why Does Safari Keep Crashing?

Using OS 10.11 on a mid 2014 Macbook Pro. Not only is Safari extremely slow, it keeps crashing. It’s so bad that I’m using Chrome. I prefer Safari, but can’t use it. I keep sending reports to Apple, but apparently they are ignored. (not to mention I can’t be online for more than a couple of hours without the battery going dead).

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    Gary Rosenzweig
    4 years ago

    Very hard to know what could be wrong without a firsthand look to diagnose. But here are some suggestions:
    First, check to see which Safari extensions you have running. Try disabling or uninstalling them all to see if that helps. That’s in Safari, Preferences, Extensions.
    Second, try clearing Safari out. Go to Safari, Preferences, Privacy and Remove All Website Data.
    Go to Safari, Preferences, Security and make sure you have Enable Javascript turned on, Block pop-up windows on. Then tap Plug-In settings and see what you have. Try disabling them all to see if that helps too.
    If that doesn’t help, visit the Genius Bar. That’s how to get help from Apple. Sending in bug reports does help Apple, but it is not meant for direct support.

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