Forum Question: Why does the New (white) iphone 4s have two slits?

Gary, Can you please tell us why the new White Iphone 4s have two slits at the the top of the phone when the black has only one?
Also in the future please could you do a video that explains in laymans terms what’s the difference (advantages & disadvantges)
of Unix (Apple) software and Windows.

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    10/12/11 @ 6:47 am

    I believe that is the proximity sensor. Pretty sure of it.
    This is the sensor that detects when you hold the phone up to your face to talk. It has been there since the iPhone 1 and is required otherwise your cheek would register screen touches as you talked.
    It is in both the black and white versions of the 4S, of course, but it seems Apple has figured out that the white coloring of the white iPhone makes the sensor less effective. So they have a small slit so the sensor can “see” better.
    As for your second question, that’s a tough controversial issue. But I took a stab at it back in episode 176:

    10/12/11 @ 7:50 am

    Thanks for your quick response Gary. Great website by the way.

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