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Why Doesn’t Thesaurus Show Up When I Right-click a Word?

I watched your video of June 9, 2017, where you described how to access the dictionary and thesaurus while in Pages. When I tried it, first of all, control+command+D didn’t work on my Mac, even after I entered the shortcut in System Preferences. Then, when I tried to right-click a word as you suggested, the dictionary window popped up, but “Thesaurus” didn’t appear as an option; all that showed up was (at different times) Siri Knowledge, App Store, Movies, Maps and Twitter. I get the translation of the word in numerous languages (which I appreciate), but no English synonyms. How can I make the Thesaurus appear as a consistent option?

I love your videos! I switched from Windows to Mac for my home computer at the urging of my two sons a couple of years ago after I retired, but soon came to regret it — until I discovered your videos. Now I would never go back to Windows or the Microsoft Suite. Keep up the excellent work you are doing!

Mike Clair

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    2 years ago

    Not sure why the Command+Control+d shortcut isn’t working for you. Perhaps there is another shortcut in the app you are using that is using that key combination?

    When you Right+click on it and select Lookup “X” you should get the dictionary definition, and a variety of other options at the bottom like you list: “Siri Knowledge, etc.” But just stay with the initial dictionary one and look at the definition. You may see “English Dictionary” and the definition and then a variety of other results from the Dictionary app. For me, “English Thesaurus” is the second one.

    If you don’t see it, then click “Open in Dictionary” which should be right there. Or, just open the Dictionary app another way. Then go to Dictionary, Preferences, and select the dictionaries to use. Look for “Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus” and make sure that is checked. That will add it to the Dictionary app and thus to the Right+click “Lookup” function as well. Also, make sure you have “New Oxford American Dictionary” checked as if not it could explain the other problem.

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