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Why Doesn’t Time Machine Back Up My Contacts?

I accidentally deleted some information in one of my contacts.
I went into my Time Machine to access a backup and recover the info. All my own files are there, but my Contacts are not backed up. Did some more checking and also couldn’t find my Calendar backed up. How do I get these backed up?
Tony Biegler

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    3 years ago

    Time Machine backs up everything on your drive. Where were you looking for your Contacts and Calendars? Keep in mind that for most people these are in iCloud now, so they are stored there, as a cloud service. Are you using iCloud for these? If not, the files should be there, somewhere in your Library folder I assume. But with iCloud even if you could find them, it would be dangerous to mess with iCloud files like that.
    But the good news is that you can recover deleted contacts from iCloud. Just go to, Settings, then look for Deleted items at the bottom left. But this only works for Deleted contacts, I don’t think you can roll back changes to a current contact.

    3 years ago

    Call me paranoid, but once each month I backup all of my contacts (Contacts -> File -> Export -> Contacts Archive) into a backups folder, and make sure they also get backed up that way, too, including within Time Machine.

    3 years ago

    THANK YOU DEEZY!!!! Very easy, now all I have to do is put a reminder on my calendar to do this regularly. :-)

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