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Why Don’t I See Items I Have Copied To the Desktop?

sometimes but more so lately, the items i am saving to my desktop are not appearing or they might appear days later. when i go to save the items again, it asks if i want it to overwrite the items so it seems they are there.
they do however appear in iCloud where i end up downloading them.
why is this happening, is this an iCloud setting?
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thanks so much for your help,
lauren eisen
lauren eisen

Comments: One Response to “Why Don’t I See Items I Have Copied To the Desktop?”

    5 years ago

    So first, check to see which kind of desktop you have. You can have a local desktop or an iCloud one. It sounds like you have an iCloud one. Go to System Preferences, iCloud, iCloud Drive "Options" button. If "Desktop & Documents Folders" is checked, then you are using iCloud for your Desktop.

    So when you save a document, what are you doing, exactly? Are you creating a new document in, say, Pages and then saving it with the Desktop as the destination? Or, are you saving attachments in Mail or downloads on the web? Or something else?

    When you say they don't appear, where are you checking? The Desktop is visible in two places. The first is over your desktop background image behind all of the windows on your screen. The second is if you open a Finder window, and then click on Desktop in the left sidebar (or choose Go, Desktop). It could be that a new item you save is there on the desktop, but behind other things like windows. But viewing it in a Finder window will tell you for sure. You can also use F11 to clear away the windows temporarily so you can see all of the files there.

    It is possible that if you recently switched between using local files and iCloud Drive for Documents & Desktop that you now have two Desktop folders. This happens if you turn off that iCloud option. It saves a everything in a local folder rather than deleting it. So next time you save to the Desktop, note very carefully the full path in the save dialog as that may help you troubleshoot.

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