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Why Has My Reading List Stopped Syncing?

I used to be able to save articles to my Reading List to enjoy later and they would show up on all my devices; I-Mac, Macbook Air, I-Phone, and I-Pad. That’s not happening anymore despite the fact that I’m running the latest IOS and OS X operating systems. What happened?
Darryl Lord

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    8 years ago

    Check in System Preferences, iCloud. Look for the checkmark next to Safari. Then check on iOS in Settings, iCloud too.
    If everything looks OK there, you may want to try turning syncing off on them and back on again to see if that kicks it into gear.

    Darryl Lord
    8 years ago

    The checkmarks were all there so I tried removing them on all devices, clearing everything out of all Reading Lists, selected "remove all data", rebooted all and then sent a brand new story to my I-Mac. Success, it showed up on all devices.😀 Thank you so much!

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