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Why iPhone – iTunes Wifi Synch Doesn’t Handle Videos?

I set up my iPhone to synch wifi with iTunes. It works great. I set up iPhoto to synch photos with my iPhone via Photostream. It works great as well. The only problem is, what’s with videos I’ve taken with my iPhone? Photostream doesn’t seem to synch those. And the wifi synch either. Does it mean that I still have to plug my iPhone via USB to grab the videos from my picture role?

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    11 years ago

    Actually, it isn't just videos. It doesn't handle ANY photos. Yes, Photo Stream works, but just Photo Stream. If you want to use regular photo syncing with iPhoto, then you have to connect with a cable like before and run iPhoto like before.
    Probably many reasons behind this. One is that iPhoto is doing the syncing when it comes to photos, not iTunes. So there is the complexity of needing two applications running and communicating with your iPhone. The other is the potential size of the photos and videos.
    Perhaps we simply need to be patient and wait for an iPhoto update, then this will be offered. Or, maybe there is even more to it.

      John Raymonds
      11 years ago

      iPhoto does not need to be running to sync up photos - but while you mention photos it seems like the biggest loss (for me) is syncing subscribed albums in iOS 5. As far as I can tell this can no longer be done. Photo Stream is a cool concept but a huge mass of photos is not very user friendly. I would love to see iCloud support syncing selected Events, Albums, or even the whole Library of iPhoto. Now that would be hugely useful!

        11 years ago

        iPhoto does have to be running to import photos into iPhoto as before. It doesn't have to be running to use the Photo Stream feature, which goes to iCloud. You can't sync subscribed photo streams anymore? Even with your iOS device connected to your Mac via the dock cable?

          John Raymonds
          11 years ago

          Ahh... I was thinking the other way around. iPhoto obviously needs to be running if you want to get photos from the phone to it BUT iPhoto does not need to be running to sync albums back to the iPhone that you have selected via iTunes.

    John M. Hammer
    11 years ago

    Gary, I haven't shot any video since I've upgraded to iOS 5, so I'll take your (and Orgati's) word that they won't transfer via Photo Stream.

    However, I have shot plenty of stills, and of course they're transferring in both directions via Photo Stream. But they are definitely transferring to my iPhone *from* my Mac, updating the Photo Library of my iPhone with the latest contents of my Mac's iPhoto Library (I have iTunes set to sync the entire thing). I assume this would transfer videos as well as stills.

    It's odd that images can't be imported to iPhoto from an iOS device over wifi, but there are third-party apps that make this easy. The one I use is Wifi Photo Transfer:

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