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Why Is Bing the Browser Of Choice for Siri Inquiries?

Why do Siri web search results come from Bing and not from Safari? Have I changed a setting somewhere and not realized it? I’ve searched all over and cannot find anything about this. I’m not a MS fan so, would you please explain how to get this changed back to Safari or other?
Jim Emmons

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    7 years ago

    Right. That change happened a while ago. Bing is the default search engine for Siri. We never know the details of things like that for sure, but it is likely that Google paid Apple for the privilege of being the search engine just like they did for browsers. But Google and Apple don't necessarily get along when it comes to this area, as Android is a direct competitor to iOS. So Microsoft was probably the better choice for Siri. The same basic reasoning why Apple created its own Maps app and went with Yahoo for weather and sports.
    There is no way to change it. But you can request that Siri search using another service. Just add "on Google" to your query, like "search for meteor showers on Google."

    7 years ago

    Gary, thanks so much for explaining this. Your response also explains why the internet is void of this topic -- search engines are suppressing the subject because these companies don't really want the public to know that they squabble over things like this! It looks like I'll just have to get used to it. Thanks again.

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