Forum Question: Why is FaceTime only working one way?

Just bought my wife an iPad, and I downloaded FaceTime for my Mac. I can call her just fine. But when she tries to call me, FaceTime says I’m unavailable. Any idea what the missing link is here?

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    5/7/11 @ 10:44 pm

    The only thing I can suggest is to check your settings. Check to make sure your “you can be reached for video calls” in your FaceTime prefs is set to what she is trying to use to call you.

      5/8/11 @ 4:50 am

      You were right. The iPad was calling instead of Thanks, Gary!

    J Vossos
    3/11/12 @ 2:11 pm

    When I use facetime with ipad or iphone users, MY sound stops transmitting after a couple of minutes. Picture is fine and incoming picture and sound is fine, just no sound going out.

    This doesn’t happen when I facetime with imac or macbook users … just with users of iphone and ipad.

    I call using imac and macbook.

    Help please

    Marie jo
    8/14/12 @ 8:13 am

    Hi, i have 2 ipads. The original ipad2 cant seem to facetime new ipad. However, new ipad can facetime with ipad2 with no problems. So sorry. I am new at this. I have assigned separate emails for the two using one apple id. Also, is there any way to ensure the imessages for both accounts are received separately?

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