Forum Question: Why is “kernel task” seemingly so busy?

When my MacBook Pro (latest OS X) is very warm from continued activity during “sleep,” I run Activity Monitor. “Kernel task” (sometimes) shows activity in the neighborhood of 40-50% of the CPU’s efforts. What is a kernel task, and what might be a workable solution to my computer’s insomnia?
John Russell

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    3/7/11 @ 10:41 pm

    That’s your system. So it really could be anything — be extension it could be different tasks or drivers performing some task. If it persists then the only way to investigate further would be to have an expert examine it.
    But you can’t run activity monitor while it is asleep. So I assume you mean you are running it just after waking it up. In that case it would make sense that the kernel was using a lot of processor power. But it might not mean that it is causing the problem while it is trying to sleep.

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