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Why Is Music Missing From One Device After iCloud Upgrade?

I upgraded my iCloud storage from the free 5GB to 50GB. I also did an update to all my devices (iPhone 5S, iPad Mini & iPad Air 2) to 9.2.1. I don’t know which one of these actions (or both) caused this, but when I went to My Music on all three iDevices, my 113 songs had been reduced to 53. All 113 are still there in iTunes on my iMac. This morning my iPhone and iPad Mini had miraculously regained the 113 songs, but the iPad Air still only has 53. I’ve read horror stories about people losing their entire music libraries. The only reason I upgraded my storage was as a backup for my photos but now I’m afraid of those vanishing too. My goal is to just get my devices back to where they were and I’ll stick with Dropbox for my backup. Please help. What should I do to get all my songs back on my iPad Air and make sure they don’t vanish from my iPhone, my mini and my Mac? Thanks
Sue N.

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    8 years ago

    It may just need more time. I wouldn't worry about the song disappearing as you still see them on your other devices. Your iPad Air may not have been active during that time so it may only be after you leave it on for a while that you see the update.

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