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Why Is My iPhone 6 Charging Like This?

About 2 weeks ago my phone started taking a lot longer to come to a 100% charge. I monitored it her today. It went from 8% to into the 70% pretty quickly. I started monitoring more closely and saw this:
Delta % % charged clock Minutes min/%
7 950
6 80 1002 12 2.000
5 85 1030 28 5.600
2 87 1045 15 7.500
2 89 1100 15 7.500
1 90 1115 15 15.000
2 92 1146 31 15.500
1 93 1200 14 14.000
7 100 1234 34 4.857

I guess this is a sign of an aging battery. The phone is about 2.5 years old. Is there anything that I can do to improve the charging time other than use the charger from my iPad? Curious as to why it got faster at the end. Thx

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    3 years ago

    If you are a power user of your phone (and it sounds like you are if you are thinking about battery like this) then 2.5 years is a decent battery life. A family member who has an iPhone 6 had their battery replaced about 6 months go.

    You can simply get a new battery for it. It only costs about $80 from Apple. Or, you can decide it is time for a new phone. Or, you can not do either and use as-is for a while.

    Also, don’t read too much into the stats. Remember that battery percentage is not exact. It is an estimate. Don’t treat it like the fuel in your car as there is no way to accurately measure it.

    You can also try to charge your phone at different times. Since the first iPhone I have simply charged at night while sleeping. I don’t have to worry about charge times that way as it has 6-8 hours to charge.

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