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Why Is the Location Icon Always On Since Updating To iOS 11?

Since I updated to IOS 11, the Location icon (arrow) has always been visible in the upper right corner of the task bar. The only way for it to go away is to completely shut off Location services. Then, when it is on, seems my battery is draining faster than usual. Is this a bug, or is this Apple’s intention, to always have Location services on.
(I’ve checks all the apps, and they all reflect either “only when using, or never”). Any suggestions?
George Kahler

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    3 years ago

    Hard to say. Could be a part of the OS using it. Maybe for the Health app or step tracking, etc. Remember that just because it is there doesn’t mean it is draining battery. I can hike all day in Airplane mode and with GPS tracking my every step and it barely uses any power. There are plenty of other things using power that are on all the time, like mobile, Wi-Fi, etc.

    If you can’t figure it out, then your only option is to take it to an expert like the Genius Bar and have them look at it firsthand. Maybe they will spot something you missed.

    3 years ago

    it’s compass calibration
    turn off in privacy-notifications- system services- compass calibration

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