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Why My Desktop On My iMac and My MacBook Are Not the Same Any Longer?

I am signed into the same iCloud account on both my iMac and my MacBook. The desktops used to be the same. When I added something to one it would show up on the other. Now they do not sync. I am using Safari 10.1.2 on both computers
Marcia Christ

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    3 years ago

    Double-check to make sure the Documents & Desktop option in iCloud is still turned on for both. Is your MacBook plugged into power and charged — otherwise it could be waiting for that to sync, so as to not run down your battery.

    One thing to try is to restart each machine. Otherwise, maybe note what, exactly, is not syncing. Maybe it is a large file that takes a long time to upload? Remember, uploads are much much slower than downloads on most Internet connections. Maybe you just need to give it some time.

    Also, check the website in iCloud Drive to see what is really there. This could at least tell you if one Mac is having trouble uploading, or the other is having trouble downloading.

    David Stamp
    3 years ago

    The other tip is to sign out of your iCloud account on each machine in turn and then sign back into the account again

    3 years ago

    David: The problem with that one is it is painful when you are using Documents & Desktop. At least in earlier versions of Sierra. Haven’t tried it in a while. You get those files dumped into other folders and then re-synced again. If creates a bit of a mess.

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